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Ruth Wallhead (nee Parsons) has kindly sent in the following three photographs from the 1949 Speech Day (together with a copy of the Speech Day Programme - Larger versions can be seen by clicking on each of the photos.

1949: Speech Day – Country dancing on the tennis courts. Joan Parsons is centre of picture, wearing her blue Sunday silk dress 1949: Speech Day – Country dancing on the tennis courts. Joan Parsons is sitting on the grass centre of picture and Ruth Parsons is standing centre right

1949: Speech Day – Dancing on the tennis court on a very hot day. Ruth Parsons is at the back, on the left 1949: Monday, 27th June – waiting to see Princess Elizabeth & Prince Philip go by


Joan Wynne (nee Parsons) has kindly sent in the following four photographs from 1949 and 1950 when Joan, and her sister, Ruth, were both at St Elphin's. The original photographs are the old 6cm x 6cm size – Liz has scanned them in as large as possible, without reducing the quality too much. Please click on each of the four photos below to see larger versions.

1949: Upper IV 1950: Anne Scott weraing blue vyella dress in an unconventional way on a very hot day. Joan Wynne (nee Parsons) says "It had to be hot for 3 days before we could wear anything cooler!"


1950: Joan Parsons wearing blue Sunday Silk 1950: Ruth Parsons & Gaby Stott in blue Sunday Silks and blue choir veils


The following photographs were kindly supplied by Kathryn Dickens. Photos: H-B News Features

ABOVE: Thanks to Pat Kitching(nee Blake) who has managed to identify the girls on the photo below who are wearing their everyday gym tunics. The photo was taken in approximately 1949 and is the class of Upper VA with Miss Lloyd in the library.
Front Left: Lois Wheeler and Ann Carlise
At The Desk: Diana Westbrook and Miss Lloyd
Standing at the back: June Thorpe (read a book) and Ann Foster (stretching up to the top shelf)
Sitting below June Thorpe: Janet Eccles and, next to her, Rosemary Sefton
Table at back: At the moment Pat can only identify Mary Gallimore
Centre table at the back: Pat Blake, Rachel Kingdon and Mary Lovell
Table at front: Lucinda Negus, Chris Ward (?), and Jill Goodwin


The following photographs have kindly been supplied by Ruth Parsons-Wallhead. They were taken on 9th October, 1949 by H-B News Features.

Above: Joan Parsons-Wynne is on the left, nearest the doors.

Above: Front Gaby Tuke-Stott and either Mary or Ruth Tudor-Jones (the other twin is the one at the back tasting something with 'Titch'). Ann Widdows is infront of them (with the baking tray). Judith Clarke is in the centre of the picture looking straight at the camera. Shirley Cowing is behind her, to the right, and Anne Wilson beside her (behind Gaby). Lynne Clark is at the back on the right.

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