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The following photos were taken as part of numerous display boards which were produced for open days at St Elphin's School – circa 1990s.

Below: The girl at the back behind the two with hockey sticks is Miss Duggins, Games teacher. This was taken on the hockey courts below Robinson House (behind the gym). The girl on the left is Sally Walton (later Head Girl) . If anyone knows the the girl on the right is and/or when this photo was taken, please let Liz Donlan know.

Below: Hill View Common Room, in the middle of Hill View Dormitory, 1995/1996. This was the boarding house for Year 7 and 8 pupils (formerly Powys House). The girl standing up with the snooker cue in her hand is Cathy Yip and it is thought that the other girl is Leoni Evans. LtoR on the table tennis table is Holly Brown and Katie Whittle. The girl at the back (right-hand side) with her back to the door and a book in her hand is Sarah Lilley.




Left: The gym building is the one immediately behind the tree in the centre of the photo. Photo: Audley Court Ltd – 2008








Left: Gym display put on for the opening of the new gym. Sue Crowther is the one standing.

Photo supplied by Sue Crowther (now Gardner)














Below: 2nd from left on the bench: Susan Thomas (Selwyn Hosue) – approximately 1957 at the South Peak Swimming Gala. If anyone knows any of the other girls or teachers/parents, where the photo was taken, the exact year or the photographer please let Liz Donlan know. The photo was kindly supplied by Kathryn Dickens.

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