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Jo Salsbury-Halliday made the sewing bag and apron in sewing classes when she was in Lower III in 1961-1962.
Needlework at St Elphin's School     Needlework at St Elphin's School

Sewing basket


Left is the sewing basket Liz Bailey-Donlan had at St Elphin's School and is still in use today – 2020 in the Republic of Ireland, having moved there from the UK in 2019.





Whilst moving house in 2017, Sue Amroota (nee Pollett) found her sewing bag from 1975! She says it was made in Mrs Mayall's needlework class and is still in good condition! Sue was in Wilson House from 1975 to 1978.

Circa 1990s
The following photo was taken as part of numerous display boards which were produced for open days at St Elphin's School – circa 1990s. If anyone can identify the year in which this was taken, where the textile room was at this time, or the photographer, please let Liz Donlan know.

Below: Pippa Heathcote and Olivia Riley

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