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Visit from the Archbishop of Canterbury

"The Archbishop of Canterbury visited in April 1972 when he held an informal forum in the Stopford Hall one morning and representatives from sixteen schools and Training Colleges in (North) Derbyshire were invited to attend. This visit was a great honour for the School and we all found the Forum most interesting and enlightening. The same evening the Headmistress, the Chaplain and the Head Girls with Miss Lavender attended a rededication of Derby Cathedral at which the Archbishop gave the Address." [Source: St Elphin's School magazine 1972, No. 90, pp 9].

The photo below shows Miss Robinson (Headmistress), the Archbishop of Canterbury (the Rev. Michael Ramsey) and, I am guessing, the Bishop of Derby. The photo was kindly supplied by the Longstone History Group who had been given various non-family papers by Miss Reeves' family following her passing in 2015. There was also another photo published in the newspaper – see Press

Archibishop of Canterbury & Miss Robinson

The Chapel

Below: St Elphin's School Chapel, circa early 1960s. Photo: Photo-Reportage Ltd - supplied by Patty BriggsSt Elphin's School chapel photo


Below: St Elphin's School Chapel, circa 1960. Photo: Photo-Reportage Ltd – supplied by Jane Bealby (neé Walker)St Elphin's School chapel


St Elphin's School Chapel, circa 1938 produced as a postcard – supplied by Sandie Stringfellow

Below: Chapel
David Morris (January 2005)
Below: Chapel windows
Photo: David Morris (January 2005)
St Elphin's School chapel photo St Elphin's School chapel windows photo

Below: Photo: Doris Chan
St Elphin's School chapel photo


Below: Details of the stained glass panels which had been installed in the Chapel at St Elphin's School in 1994, as part of the School's 150th anniversary celebrations. The windows were given to St Elphin's Church in Warrington following the school's closure in March 2005. Please click on the image below for a larger version. If you scroll up to the two photos, side by side (David Morris) you can see the windows still in situ at St Elphin's in January 2005.

leaflet about stained glass window at St Elphin's

Chapel Kneelers

It is understood that a number of different designs for the chapel kneelers were introduced, with the top being done as a tapestry. We are currently seeking photographs of as many as possible so if anyone has a kneeler and/or photograph of one please let Liz Donlan know. The first one has been provided by Christine Tew.

The candlesticks which used to be on the chapel altar were up for auction when the school closed in 2005. Alison Royle-Gent (former pupil) had started to bid for the candlesticks but noticed a neighbour of hers was also bidding so dropped out. Alison's neighbour 'won' the candlesticks and, after the auction, very kindly offered them to Alison but she declined them saying she would visit her neighbour and therefore still see them from time to time. Her neighbour passed away (2019) and, unbeknown to Alison, left the candlesticks to her in his will. They now stand in pride of place on her dining room table and are used. Alison took them to the Archive Weekend held at St Elphin's Park in October 2019 in order for them to be photographed for the TOE newsletter and the website. Photo: Lizzy Atwell-Dickie.


LEFT: The first is a Brief History and Guide of the Chapel of Our Lady and St Elphin. It makes reference to the old stable block being converted into the School Chapel in circa 1916. Kindly supplied by Carrie Wareham.

RIGHT: The second is details of the new Stained Glass Window which had been donated by the Old Girls' Guild. Kindly supplied by Mary Goodman.

Please click on either image to see the details in full.



The majority of girls were confirmed in St Elphin's Chapel and, on confirmation day, were usually bought a bible or prayer book by either their parents or Godparents. Jo Salsbury-Halliday (Gresford 1961-1968) was confirmed by the Bishop of Repton on 14th May, 1964. Below are her gifts.

Below are six Powys House girls who were confirmed in the summer of 1963:

Left: Each confirmation candidate received "A Communicant's Manual" individually inscribed by Miss P M Robinson (Maud), Head Mistress 1957-1975. The following photographs were supplied by Liz Mumford-Hall (1961-1968, Powys).



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