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Over the years the classrooms moved around the site and, indeed, many of the classrooms changed their useage. For example, a dining room became a biology laboratory (and is now a gym for St Elphin's Park!); a chemistry laboratory changed to Wilson house room; a gym became an art room; and so on! Please let Liz Donlan know if any of the photos of classrooms below had a different use during your time at St Elphin's.

During Liz Donlan's time at St Elphin's (1967 to 1973) the classrooms were in wooden huts. There were 4 rows of these huts – each with 2 classrooms. The bottom row, in front of the white car, were for Lower IV and then worked upwards to Upper IV, Lower V, Upper V. Liz's understanding is that they were temporary but, to her knowledge, they were still there in 1990! Photo: St Elphin's School.

Heather, Miranda, Alison

Left: LtoR: Heather Bond, Miranda Toach and Alison Bond, outside one of the wooden classrooms - circa 1958. Miranda was in Powys House from 1954 to 1960.

The skirts have been a topic of conversation on the Facebook group as, in the mid to late 60s, they were changed to a pleated style and the straight style seems to have been preferred.

Thanks to Miranda for providing the photo.








Thanks to Jane Bealby (neé Walker), Gresford House, 1955-1961, who sent me, in October 2021, a package with lots of goodies from her time at St Elphin's. Amongst them were the words for 'Vib Special'. Jane in unsure as to who wrote the words but it was sung to "Barbara Allen' by Joan Baez. Unfortunately, I couldn't read all the handwriting so there may be some wrong words. If you know the correct ones please drop Liz Donlan an email -

Sob, sob, sob! Sniff, sniff, sniff!
We shall soon be gone you see,
Ha, ha, ha! He, he, he!
We'll be rid of them VIb.

1. At last our school days they are done,
Nothing more to be lost or work
No more sweating in the fils
No more Latin books to crib.

2. No more con and no more flaps
No more hitching up of straps!
No more Urpsy in her wake
Doing all for Connies sake.

3.Goodbye to riots in the gyms
And deafening Urpsey with the din,
No more hiding in the box
Trying hard old Urps to fox

4. We leave the staff with such regret
Including Schmitt who made us walk
No more we'll hear the silvery voice
Of Simpson yelling 'stop that noise!".

5. No more Bertha prowling round
With camouflage to watch the ground.
How we miss that old gas fire
With dripping bread on twisted wire
The swear-box it is running low
Six b. have reformed you know!

6. This is the end of our school life
How you will miss our faces
In future years we'll remember you
And all your vice and graces!


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