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Domestic Science Classes

The following photo was taken as part of numerous display boards which were produced for open days at St Elphin's School – circa 1990s. If anyone knows who the photographer was, please let Liz Donlan know. The room itself looks as though it is one of the kitchenette's in the IB (Isobel Burgess) Building – sometimes known as the Science block during the early 1970s.

Below: Carolyn Cartwright – approximately 1983-1984

In 2014 Janet Sanderson (neé Bolton) came across two cookery notebooks from her Domestic Science days. Janet was at St Elphin's from 1969, starting in Upper III and left in 1975 at the end of Lower VI.

Janet kindly sent me the books in 2019 and I finally scanned them in to put on this website in May 2020! In Book 1 you will see that there is no page 20 which is because Janet jumped from page 19 to page 21! Also, the index only goes up to page 38 but there are lots more pages after this. I wonder if it will wet your appetites to try some of the 'old' recipes.

Book 1                                                                                 Book 2
Domestic Science recipe book     Domestic Science book 2

The following photo was kindly supplied by Kathryn Dickens and was taken by H-B News Feature. It is thought that the Domestic Science room, then, was off Long Corridor. It is also thought that the teacher in the photo was Miss Betteridge and the girl on the left is possibly Anne Smith. If anyone can confirm these names, together with the other 3 girls, and the year of the photo please let Liz Donlan know.

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