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Front Hall, St Elphin's

Above left: Circa 1993-94: Mr Pollard, Head Master talking to two girls in front hall. Left is Mrs Miles who taught Classic and Latin. The photo had been taken for display purposes and used on open days for the school. (If anyone can identify the two pupils please let me know).

Above right: August 2013 (Photo: Liz Donlan)

Liz Donlan spoke to Steve of Crudens (the Building Contractors) in August 2013 who confirmed the following:

"• It is the original fireplace with a new hearth and new inners to cover the tiles.

• The staircase up to, and including, the first landing is the original. The staircase up the second flight of stairs and on the second landing is new and was matched, as near as possible, to the original. The original was brushed and paint-sprayed and the new was just paint-sprayed. We couldn't have kept to the original because it would have needed to have been stripped down to the original wood and would have been horrendous – besides which, it wasn't in the remit! The new staircase was brought in in two complete sections and hoisted into position.

• There had been a lot of rework to do after the previous contractors and whilst there are still a few minor teething probelms to finish we are pleased with the overall result."

[Note the cups, trophies, shields and bible in the display cabinet in the left-hand photo. Some of these were found and returned to the display cabinet in September 2013 as it is now being used for memorabilia of St Elphin's School]

March 2005 – Front Stairs – note the portrait of Miss Robinson, Head Mistress (1958 – 1977).
Cathy Chrystal

January 2005 – Front Hall – Mel Morris (in the wheelchair) visits the school as a surprise birthday present. Photo: David Morris

January 2005 – Front Stairs – note the portrait of Miss Robinson, Head Mistress (1958 – 1977). David Morris (Mel's husband) surveys the grandeur of Front Hall. Photo: Mel Morris

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