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Above: Photo taken by Photo-Reportage Ltd (dissolved 6th October, 1998) and kindly supplied by Judy Hick-Thompson who was at St Elphin's from 1953-1959 in Powys House and sadly passed away in 2018. We are therefore assuming that the photo was taken sometime between 1953 and 1959.

Above: June 1957 – As can be see from the above photo, the main school building hadn't altered much when comparing with the photo below! If you look at the very top of the tower above the front door, you can see the Invicta Stone – click here for more details.    Photo: Arlene Bailey (now Garnier)

St Elphin's School main building photo
Above: January 2005       Photo: David Morris

St Elphin's School main building photo
Above: 2005     Photo: Doris Chan

St Elphin's School main building photo
Above: June 2010      Photo: Catherine Lewis (nee Sutton) who sadly died on 29th March, 2013)
To the right of the front door you can just see – above the low turret in the middle – a dome peeping through.
The photo below shows the dome in full!

St Elphin's School dome photo
Above: 2007      Photo: Alison Davies (Audley Court Ltd)

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