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The following photo was taken as part of numerous display boards which were produced for open days at St Elphin's School – circa 1990s. If anyone can identify any of the students, the year in which this was taken, where the music room was at this time, or the photographer, please let Liz Donlan know.

Below: This music room was at the end of Long C which, at one time (circa 1970s) was Wilson Houseroom. Left to right: ? / Natasha Mitra (daughter of Jenny Mitra, School Nurse in 1996) / ? / ? / Catherine Dalton / Lorna Tonks (Commonwealth Games 2014, Gold Medal, 100m breaststroke and 50m breaststroke finalist)


The following two photos were kindly supplied by Kathryn Dickens and were taken by H-B News Features. If anyone can identify any of the pupils or the teacher and what year they were taken please let Liz Donlan know. The photos would appear to be circa early 1950s due to the fact the girls are wearing gym slips and was taken in the Common Room (at the far end of the first landing).

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