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St Elphin's School - Rotherwood photo

June 2010 – Rotherwood was situated across the road from the school– opposite the back drive entrance and was used for Pigot House      Photo: Catherine Lewis (nee Sutton) [died March 2013]

Recollections of Rotherwood

Arlene Bailey recalls in the 1950s..." I remember the fish & chip man passing on a Friday evening. He would ring his bell and someone would climb out of the window to buy. Those upstairs lowered a laundry bag down on a dressing gown cord. Happy days!!!"

Monica Trevethick Lilley (1961-1966) says she was in Pigot and was across the A6 in Rotherwood and says "my word, did we get up to high jinx over there! Our Matron, Miss Grant, was very nice and tolerant of our need to let off steam. We used to talk until all hours of the night and I loved to tell Conan-Doyle tales of mystery and imagination – horror stories really. I can remember one night nearly frightening myself to death (the full moon was shining on my bed) but everyone else in the dorm had fallen asleep!"

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