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Photos: Gill Haywood (nee Prescott). The pages from the book were kindly photocopied by Audley Court Ltd and scanned in by Gill Haywood.

Workmen at the new St Elphin's Park development in Darley Dale got a surprise in March 2008 when they unearthed a 1930s time capsule. David Boden was removing part of a cellar at the former school when a package containing an old exercise book, some tissues and a rusty tin emerged from the dust. After some detective work, the girls who buried the 'capsule' in 1933, were traced.

Mollie McColgan, now in her 70s, said: "Being contacted about something like this is fascinating – I can recall some of the girls whose names are in the book as if it were yesterday."

Kevin Taylor, Baggaley Construction project team leader, said: "Finding a bottle of ink and some blue tissue doesn't sound very exciting these days, but to them it was probably quite daring."

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