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Grand Opening – St Elphin's House, 13th September, 2012

The main building of St Elphin's School was sandblasted in 2011/12 and has now been converted into a Residential and Leisure Centre. The building was opened as St Elphin's House on 13th September, 2012 by Lord Edward Manners, owner of Haddon Hall. It is good news for Old Elphinians in that the main school building has been retained – and returned to its original colour! – and it has retained the name of St Elphin's.

I was fortunate to be invited to the Grand Opening of St Elphin's House and, in fact, was the only pupil there along with three members of the teaching staff - Miss J. Crook (Deputy Head Mistress, 1978 - 1999), Mrs R Cuff (Infants Teacher, 1986 - 2004 and Deputy Head Mistress, 2005) and Miss P J Simpson (Biology Teacher, 1986 - 1988). There were approximately 180 people present at the opening consisting of residents, Audley staff, guests and, of course, Old Elphinians! St Elphin's House was opened by Lord Edward Manners, owner of Haddon Hall.

St Elphin's House now consists of 8 luxury apartments and a deluxe health club:

Ground Floor: Orangery Restaurant, Bistro, Drawing Room, Library and Audley Club Leisure Centre (swimming pool, gym, meetings room, hair salon, treatment rooms, health & wellbeing centre), one 2-bedroom apartment. Non-residents of St Elphin's Park are able to apply for membership of the Audley Club Leisure Centre.

First Floor: Chatsworth Guest Room, Two 2- bedroom apartment,Two 3- bedroom apartment

Second Floor: Haddon Guest Room, Two 2-bedroom apartment, one - bedroom apartment

Please click on the photo below to view the complete album of St Elphin's Park - all photos © Liz & Mike Donlan. I have annotated the photographs as accurately as possible and have indicated what the original use of some of the rooms was. However, the use of the rooms changed over the years and it would be difficult to state every single use so everything is relating to the 1960s and 1970s!

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