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General Photos.....

We are gradually building up a good collection of photos which we thought would be good to share with viewers of the website. The photos are split into decades and/or specific topics. Unfortunately a number of the photos aren't labelled and we have been unable to identify the dates they were taken. There are a mixture of professional and amateur photographs and although a number of the latter are not high quality, we thought it would still be nice to share them.

If anyone is able to confirm the dates or details of any of the photos published please let me know. In the meantime, until dates are identified, they will be placed in the miscellaneous category.

1930s Photos

We are very grateful to Juliet Wise for providing the photos below of when her Mum, Katharine (Kay) Marris, was at St Elphin's in the late 1930s. Please click on the photos for larger versions.

Class photo showing Katharine Marris Front of St Elphin's School The Chapel

Kay Marris's dormitory Class photo

1940s Photos

Below: Photos supplied by Helen Wright-Jay who was at St Elphin's from 1948 to 1959 in Selwyn House. She had both Miss Stopford and Miss Robinson as her Head Mistress.

  • Image 1 of 5 : 1948
  • Image 2 of 5 : 1949 The Famous See-Saw. Back row top (LtoR) Hilary Woodhouse, Helen Wright, ?, Wendy Phillips. Front (LtoR) Ann Bell, Arlene Bailey, ?, Rosemary Goward, Jill Brown, Elizabeth Morley, Mary Davis, Wendy Berwick, Gillian Hughes
  • Image 3 of 5 : 1949 Twixt Fox & Willis dormitories
  • Image 4 of 5 : 1949/50 Back (LtoR) Wendy Berwick, Hilary Woodhouse, Mrs Hilda Feather, Mary Dams, ?, ?, Helen Wright, Judith Allen. Front (LtoR) Wendy Phillips, Jill Brown, Karina Williams, Arlene Bailey, Joyce Elgar, Elizabeth Morley
  • Image 5 of 5 : 1949/50 Miss Clark. Nearest row (LtoR) Gill Hughes, Arlene Bailey, Mary Dams. 2nd row: ?, Helen Wright, ?, Ann Bell. 3rd row: Hilary Woodhouse, ?, Wendy Phillips, ?. 4th row: Karina Williams, Rosemary Goward, ?, ?


1950s Photos

Below: Photos supplied by Helen Wright-Jay who was at St Elphin's from 1948 to 1959 in Selwyn House. She had both Miss Stopford and Miss Robinson as her Head Mistress.

  • Image 1 of 23 : 1950 (LtoR) Elizabeth Morley & Helen Wright by Matlock Boating Lake
  • Image 2 of 23 : 1950s Common Room - bottom right Arlene Bailey-Garnier
  • Image 3 of 23 : 1950S (LtoR) Anne Fish and Helen Wright in San fields
  • Image 4 of 23 : 1952 (approx) Sports Day
  • Image 5 of 23 : 1954/55 The Archers signing autographs at the Red Cross Fete in Matlock. Jane Atkinson and Helen Wright-Jay at the front
  • Image 6 of 23 : 1955 approx School Fete raising money for school funds
  • Image 7 of 23 : 1956 approx - back row, LtoR: Rosemary Sands, Janet Grimes, Pam Jeffries, Sue Pimlott, Helen Wright, Karina Williams. Front row (LtoR) Madeleine Lloyd, Dorothy Bean, Sandra Thornton
  • Image 8 of 23 : 1956/57 (LtoR) Helen Wright, Anne Fish, Jane Atkinson, Anne Wortley, Phillipa Henderson, Margharita James
  • Image 9 of 23 : 1957/58 Speech Day
  • Image 10 of 23 : 1958 on the roof outside the window of VIth form. LtoR: Kate Mosscrop, Judith Hick, Helen Wright, Mary Hilsden & Mary Else at back, ? Audrey Buxton
  • Image 11 of 23 : 1958 Outside Orchards - Di Hughes, Mary Reeman, Judith Molyneaux, Helen Wright, Christine Line
  • Image 12 of 23 : 1958 Rose gardens on front drive. LtoR: Mary Reeman, Judith Tuckwell, Anne Mosscrop
  • Image 13 of 23 : 1958 July - Rose gardens on front drive. Anne Mosscrop, Judith Molyneaux, Joy Shorland-Ball
  • Image 14 of 23 : 1958 Selwyn House - Back row (LtoR) - Jen Glover, Knowles, Harwood, Greenhalgh, Granger, Furness, R Thorne, Dixon, Randle, Shortland-Ball, Wilde, Wass, Musson, A Thorne, Daggen, Cowman, Gibson, Heelis, Koral, P Glover, Sue Mac, Fisher Stores, Chris Gragine, J Murray, Jenny de Gruythen, I P Murray, Bailey, Sue Thomas
  • Image 15 of 23 : 1959 Selwyn House - some team or other!
  • Image 16 of 23 : 1959 Miss Graham, Miss Helen Thompson, Miss Elizabeth Winder in front of the terrace
  • Image 17 of 23 : 1959 6th form outing to Thoresby Hall
  • Image 18 of 23 : 1959 Helen Wright receiving the Hitchem Music Cup from Archbishop Selwyn Bean with Miss Robinson, Head Mistress, to his right
  • Image 19 of 23 : 1959 Front row (LtoR) Fronny Dagger, Margy Knowles, Helen Wright
  • Image 20 of 23 : 1959 Selwyn House
  • Image 21 of 23 : 1959 Speech Day - Helen Wright making the vote of thanks to the guest speaker
  • Image 22 of 23 : 1959 Back (LtoR) Sallyann Shannon, Ann Hodson, ?, ?. Front - Jill Dixon, ? , Jacky Watson, Helen Wright, Margy Knowles
  • Image 23 of 23 : Prize giving

1949/50 1950 - Maypole Dancing

1957 - 1959 - Photos supplied by Elisabeth Ward-Larkins who was at St Elphin's from 1953 - 1960 in Wilson House. Elisabeth was also the author of the school song which she wrote in 1959 or 1960.

  • Image 1 of 10: Cast of Oedipus at Colonus 1957
  • Image 2 of 10: Oedipus at Colonus - signatures
  • Image 3 of 10 : 1958 circa Miss Stopford
  • Image 4 of 10 : 1958 circa The Terrace
  • Image 5 of 10 : Upper V
  • Image 6 of 10 : Upper V
  • Image 7 of 10 : Wilson House
  • Image 8 of 10 : Wilson House Music Competition
  • Image 9 of 10 : 1959 Middle V and upwards
  • Image 10 of 10 : 1959

Below: Photos supplied by Jenny Lloyd-Moore who was at St Elphin's from 1952 to 1960 in Wilson House. She had both Miss Stopford and Miss Robinson as Head Mistresses. Also, below, is a heart-warming letter from Miss Robinson to Jenny when her Father died.

  • Image 1 of 8 : ? Margaret Laing
  • Image 2 of 8 : Jenny Lloyd and Phyllis Adams
  • Image 3 of 8 : Front row (LtoR) Felicity Pemberton, Elspeth Watts, Phyllis Adams, ?, Christine Clague, ?, ?. 2nd row (LtoR) ?, ?, Jenny Lloyd, ?, Tanner??, last on row Susan Thomas. Back row (LtoR) 2 doing piggy back, then Ann Elliott
  • Image 4 of 8 : Front row (LtoR) Helena Kovak, ? Tanner, ?, ?. Next row (Lto R) Phyllis Adams, Christine Clague. Teacher at back (2nd left) Mrs Rutler - taught Latin.
  • Image 5 of 8 :
  • Image 6 of 8 :
  • Image 7 of 8 : LtoR - Mrs Longbottom, Duchess of Devonshire, Canon Longbottom, Miss Stopford, May Braddon
  • Image 8 of 8 : Front row: LtoR: Felicity Pemberton, Elspeth Watts, Phyllis Adams, ?, Christine Chague. Middlet row (in dark blazer) Monica Brammes and directly behind her is Susan Thomas



1960s Photos

Below are a selection of slides taken by Miss Heather James. James taught Chemistry from 1963 to 1968 and I was very pleased when she attended the major reunion held at St Elphin's in October 2015. She is also a member of TOE and her memoirs as a teacher at St Elphin's can be found here.

  • Image 1 of 8 : 1964 Duchess of Devonshire at St Elphin's Fete : Photo © Heather James
  • Image 2 of 8 : 1964 Chris Roe at Riber Castle : Photo  Heather James
  • Image 3 of 8 : 1964 Mary Guest diving at Abbotts Bromley : Photo  Heather James
  • Image 4 of 8 : 1964 Mary Guest diving : Photo © Heather James
  • Image 5 of 8 : 1964 : St Elphin's from sports field : Photo  Heather James
  • Image 6 of 8 : 1964 St Elphin's Sports Day : Photo  Heather James
  • Image 7 of 8 : 1964 Stopford Hall (dining room) : Photo  Heather James
  • Image 8 of 8 : 1965 Di & Peter's Wedding : Photo © Heather James

1962-1963 – Photos of Beryl Williams-Campbell 1963-1968 – Photos of Liz Mumford-Hall

Above: On the roof (LtoR) Jo Salsbury-Halliday, Hilary Hepworth, Rowena Pickering; front window is thought to be Sarah Gow and, leaning out of the passenger window, is the late Pat Richardson. The photo is taken circa 1964 when the girls were on the way to Toothbrush! Thanks to Jo Salsbury-Halliday for providing the photo – she thinks it may have been taken with her Brownie camera but doesn't know who actually took the photo. [Please click on photo for larger version]

Approx. 1967 – Photos of Bev Grierson Approx. 1968 – Geography Field Trip

Above: Visit to Josiah Wedgewood & Sons Ltd in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire - 6th July, 1965. Photo kindly supplied by Miss James (Chemistry teacher 1963-1968).

Back Row: / * / Elizabeth Mullet / Phillipa Pierpont / Miss James (Chemistry Teacher) / Elizabeth Needham / ? Elisabeth Davies / Jane Blackwall

3rd Row: Anna Mullhart / Elspeth Langwell / * / * / Margaret Lancelot (with long hair) / Judith Holland / * / Vanessa St John / * /

2nd Row: ? Diane Seldon / Joan Woodiwiss / Mary Smart / * / Magda Cullen

Front Row: Mrs Kitchen (Maths teacher) / Rosalind Seville / Rosemary Barbour / Clare Cox / Duangduen Baramasambati / Catherine Spencer / Jennifer Hyde / Miss Brown (Maths teacher)

Thanks to Beryl Campbell for identifying most of the girls. If anyone else can identify anyone on this photo please let Liz know (lizbailey@stelphins.co.uk). Please click on photo for larger version.

Denton or Repton School Boys Choir

Thanks to Nina Wagstaff-Wall for supplying the above photo which was taken late 1966 with either Denstone College. Also, thanks to Hannah Robinson-Mortimer for supplying further details. The 1967 magazine (pp 19 'Music Report') states "....The Harmonie Mass in B flat by Haydn. This production was undertaken by joint choirs from St Elphin's and Denstone College, and the final performances at the respective schools – the result of keen and conscientious practice – reached an extremely high standard and afforded great enjoyment to the audience."

On the first row immediately behind the orchestra, 9th from the left (2nd of the teachers) is Miss Conway-Davies and 10th from the left is Miss Morris (Scripture teacher). Nina is on the right of the row in front of the stage, immediately in front of the left-hand edge of the curtain (sharing a manuscript). Please click on the photo for a larger version.

Approximately 1966. Thanks to Nina Wagstaff-Wall for providing this photo. Nina is second from the right - immediately behind the chairs (she is either sitting or kneeling!). On the right behind the chairs with school tie on is Lesley Nicol (Mrs Patmore in Downton Abbey!).

1970s PhotosPlease click on image below to see 48 photos from the 1970s!

  • Image 1 of 48: 1971


In addition to the above photograph albums, Liz has also found a 2-minute cine film from the early 1970s of her on an afternoon tea visit with her parents to Chatsworth Park and The Old Bakewell Pudding Shop, plus a couple of races on Sports Day. Thanks to Mike Donlan, the standard-8 cine film has been transferred to video and can now be seen here.


1990s Photos

1990 - Richmal Crompton Day

Above: Opening of Philippa Robinson House – 26th October, 1991. LtoR: Rev Owen; ? gentleman at back; ? ; Colonel Hobbs, Bursar: Miss P M Robinson (Head Mistress 1958 - 1975); Bishop ?; Duchess of Devonshire; ?. Photo supplied by Christine Tew. Please click on photo for larger version.

Above: Photo supplied by Christine Tew – please click on photo for larger version:

2010s Photos

3rd June, 2011: Visit to St Elphin's by Anne Marie Reeve and Liz Donlan

30th November, 2011: Liz Donlan, Marianne Jackson and Judy Crook had a Builders' Tour of the main school building 24th February, 2012: Liz Donlan, Gill Haywood, Kathryn Dickens and Judy Crook had a Builders' Tour of the main school building and Orchards

13th September, 2012 – Grand Opening of St Elphin's House (formerly the main school building) by Lord Edward Manners, owner of Haddon Hall


Miscellaneous Photos – dates unknown



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