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St Elphin's – 24th February, 2012

Below are some photographs which were taken at St Elphin's Park (formerly St Elphin's School) on 24th February, 2012 when Gill Haywood (nee Prescott), Liz Donlan (nee Bailey), Kathryn Dickens (nee Betterton) and Judy Crook (Miss Crook) had a mini Builders' Tour. Reference to some of the old rooms has been based on what they were known as the 1960s & 1970s. All Photos © Liz Donlan

Main School Building

Swimming Pool
This a complete new build which is added onto the side of the main building and has been matched up extremely well to the original brickwork. The left-hand building is to be a Meetings Room - this will be used to display St Elphin's memorabilia at the Reunion to be held on 6th October, 2012 and will be used for the Annual General Meeting of The Old Elphinians on 13th October, 2012

Orchards is being converted into four houses and will be known as Thornton Mews

The Quad

Upper VI Form Room
This is being converted into a lounge for the residents of St Elphin's Park

Maud's Study (Head Mistress and Head Master's Study)
Maud's study and bedroom are being converted into a luxury apartment. Right: Gill Haywood (nee Prescott) shows where the fireplace used to be. Gill and Kathryn Dickens (nee Betterton) reminisce on Maud's Drawing Room days.

The Restaurant
The staff dining room, Maud's dining room, staff kitchen and toilets have been knocked into one and are being turned into a restaurant. The Reunion on the 6th October, 2012 will be held in this room, as will lunch for those attending The Old Elphinians Annual General Meeting on 13th October, 2013.

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