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St Elphin's – 3rd June, 2011

Below are some photographs which were taken at St Elphin's Park (formerly St Elphin's School) on 3rd June, 2011 when Anne Marie Reeve (nee Robinson) and Liz Donlan (nee Bailey) visited. They show some of the changes which have taken place since the school closed in 2005 and have been anotated to show exactly where they were taken. We hope to make further visits, as and when major progress has been made, and will add further photographs. All Photos © Liz Donlan

At the moment the main school building, the chapel and what was known as Orchards are the only original buildings still in existance.

The Chapel


Isobel Burgess Building (Science Block)
The Isobel Burgess Building has now gone and in its place are new luxury houses and apartments!


Main School Building


The Quad


The Hump

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