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Cups & Shields

In February 2013 a number of cups and shields were found at Audley's Head Office in Staines, Middlesex. They had obviously been rescued from the school, following its closure in 2005, and had been kept safe until they were passed over to Liz Donlan. They will all be cleaned up (on more than one occasion) and are now in the display cabinet in Front Hall at St Elphin's Park. In the meantime, below are a couple of photographs of shields which have been taken by other old girls.....





Left: School Shield. A number were produced and Liz Mumford-Hall (Powys 1961-1968) was one of the lucky(?!) ones to buy one.

Photo: Liz Mumford-Hall










Left: Wilson House Sports Shield presented by Sonja & Lisa Swingler 1981

Photo: Rachael Horn (nee MacLachlan)









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