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Gresford House

Gresford House was formed in Spring 1951 with Betty Lavender as its first House Captain. The House was named after a former Chairman of the Board of Governors – Bishop Gresford Jones. Gresford’s house mascot was a teddy-bear, called Gregory, which was bought by Gresford girls in 1951. According to girls of the early 80s, the name ‘Gresford’ meant ‘Greatest’ – no doubt the other houses disagreed with this meaning!

The 1959 magazine reports that Gresford House joined forces with Kennedy House to become 'Orchards House'. However, the 1960 magazine reports that it was disbanded when Gresford and Kennedy each became independent Houses. In 1965 Gresford overflowed the cubicles in Orchards and had some girls occupying Fox Dormitory.

House Photos
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St Elphin's School - Gresford House 1966 photo St Elphin's School - Gresford House 1968 photo St Elphin's School - Gresford House 1969 photo
1966 1968 1969

St Elphin's School - Gresford House 1973 photo St Elphin's School - Gresford House 1975 photo St Elphin's School - Gresford House 1977 photo
1973 1975 1977

Gresford House Song
Thanks to Arlene Garnier (nee Bailey) who initially managed to remember part of one of the verses of Gresford House's song and to Cheryl Steele (nee Chalk) who found the rest! It is sung to the tune of The British Grenadiers.

For Gresford we must work
And never may we slack.
For ever looking forward
And never looking back.
We'll always do our utmost
Whatever may befall
With a smile and a song and a cheerful heart
For Gresford we do all.
While we are all in Gresford
All of us will find
That she's the one to work for
With heart and soul and mind.
In nineteen hundred and fifty one
This noble house was made
And ever since she started
To her we've tribute paid.

Gresford House 'Reports'
Thanks to Jane Bealby (neé Walker), Gresford House, 1955-1961, who sent me, in October 2021, a package with lots of goodies from her time at St Elphin's. Amongst them was a batch of 9 mini reports for various sports and house activities. Please click on each image below for a larger version.

Gresford House badmnton report     Gresford House gym report     Gresford House hockey report     Gresford House report

Gresford House netball report     Gresford House rounders report      Gresford House tennis report     Gresford House tennis report

Gresford House tennis report

House Staff - Mistresses, Matrons and Heads/Captains
The following information has been taken from school magazines. In instances where the Head of House or House Captain is listed, but not the House Mistress or Matron, it is simply because the information is incomplete in the relevant magazine. If you are able to supply the missing information please e-mail Liz Donlan. Click on image to view larger version.

Gresford House

Inter-House Competitions
Gresford House won the following:
1957: Netball (Junior), Rounders
1958: Cricket, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball (Senior)
1959: Cricket, Drama, Gymnastics (joint with Kennedy)
1961: Gymnastics (joint with Wilson); Hockey (joint with Wilson)
1963: Hockey, Sports
1967: Swimming
1984: Athletics, Hockey, Tennis

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