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Selwyn House

Selwyn House was formed in Spring 1951. The House was named after Archdeacon Selwyn-Bean, Chairman of the Board of Governors.

"In May 1959, School returned to somewhat different conditions, and the Houses took a much more important place in School life. Selwyn's House Room is the old VIB Sitting Room, and we meet every day after dinner for roll call, to receive letters and for routine matters. The majority sleep in Rotherwood, and the remainder on Back Landing." (Taken from the 1959 (No 77) magazine)

In September 1959 Selwyn House moved into Darley Lodge with Miss Thompson as House Mistress and became an independent House.

The photo to the right was taken in Darley Lodge garden in 1962 which was Selwyn House and was situated on the opposite side of the school, on the A6 going towards Matlock. Photo supplied by Christine Tew.

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House Photos
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St Elphin's School - Selwyn House 1973 photo St Elphin's School - Selwyn House 1977 photo
1973 1977

Selwyn House Song
From a collection of St Elphin's memorabilia held by Christine Tew

There'll always be a Selwyn
A Selwyn strong in might
And we must do our utmost
And for our Selwyn fight.

On field or in the classroom
Of Selwyn we must think
And all of must fight to see
That Selwyn must not sink.

Together we must pull our weight
And all of us unite
And soon our Selwyn will be top
And we'll have won the fight.

In order we must do our best
And fight to rule our tongue
And never let our conscience rest
Until our days are done.

Though many friends may leave us
We'll carry on the same
And keep our Selwyn at the top
And our good name maintain.

House Staff - Mistresses, Matrons and Heads/Captains
The following information has been taken from school magazines. In instances where the Head of House or House Captain is listed, but not the House Mistress or Matron, it is simply because the information is incomplete in the relevant magazine. If you are able to supply the missing information please e-mail Liz Donlan. Click on imag to view larger version.

Selwyn House

Inter-House Competitions
Selwyn House won the following:
1956: Gymnastics
1957: Badminton, Hockey (1st equal)
1958: Badminton, Tennis
1959: Badminton, Music, Tennis
1960: Drama, Netball (Junior), Sports
1962: Netball (Senior)
1963: Netball (Senior and Junior)
1967: Hockey, Netball (Senior and Junior)

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