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Every year St Elphin’s School published an eagerly awaited school magazine which was usually put together by some of the Upper VI form. Each issue contained a resume of the year’s activities, messages of welcome to new staff, obituaries, House reports, sports results and much more.

To date, we have managed to track down a complete set of magazines from 1934 to 2001 inclusive and we are sure you will enjoy perusing through them to see if your name is mentioned anywhere, as well as jogging your memory on long-lost friends. If you have a St Elphin’s school magazine pre 1934 (with the exception of 1925) then please let Liz Donlan know.

The Elphin

The Elphin Volume III coverThe Elphin Volume IV coverThe Elphin Vol V

In addition to the school magazines listed below, another publication has come to light – The Elphin – of which we currently have Volumes III and IV, kindly supplied by Elisabeth Larkins (nee Ward, Wilson House 1953-1960). According to the November 1953 magazine, "Last year we only published "The Elphin" for the school, present; now and in the future we extend it to the school, past...". We are therefore assuming that Volumes III and IV were published in 1954 and 1955 respectively and, as yet, are unsure as to how many issues were actually published. They contain light-hearted poems and short stories, some of which are quite amusing – click on the images above to see the contents.

Thanks to Jane Bealby (neé Walker), Gresford House, 1955-1961, who sent me, in October 2021, a package with lots of goodies from her time at St Elphin's. Amongst them was a copy of The Elphin Vol V which would have been published sometime between 1955 & 1961.


Elfinews front page

LEFT: In December 2015 Elspeth Gash sent in a copy of ELFINEWS, Issue 4, which was published in 1980/81.

Please click on the image to see the contents – you're sure to have a giggle!

RIGHT: In April 2014 Alison Carminke sent in a copy of the "Year Book 1993 – U5F" which will certainly bring back memories for those who were at St Elphin's around this time.

We apologise for the quality of the scans of some of the magazines – this is due to a number of the issues being quite old and the print has faded. Hopefully it won’t detract too much from your enjoyment of perusing them!

The magazines have been organised in decades so please click on the image(s) below for the years you are interested in viewing.....

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