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Powys House

The 1959 magazine reports that Powys House joined forces with Wilson House to become 'School House'. However, the 1960 magazine reports that it was disbanded when Powys and Wilson each became independent Houses.

Liz Mumford-Hall has supplied the photo of the Powy's House tie. The tie was green although, unfortunately, on the photo it looks more like black!





House Photos
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1965 Powys House photo
1950 1965 1966 1968

St Elphin's School - Powys House 1971 photo St Elphin's School - Powys House 1973 photo St Elphin's School - Powys House 1975 photo
1969 1971 1973 1975

Powys House 1980 Powys House 1983 link to 1992 Powys House photo
1980 1983 1992

Powys House Song
Taken from page 35 of the 1988 School Magazine – sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne

We stand united as a House
Our Spirits will not bend,
For though it's a hard road to the top
We'll get there in the end.

Through Drama, Music, Work and Games,
Our spirits will not flee,
For even though we do not win
Good losers we will be.

And even if our hopes go wrong
Not one of us will grieve,
For we stand united for the
of Powys House.

House Staff - Mistresses, Matrons and Heads/Captains
The following information has been taken from school magazines. In instances where the Head of House or House Captain is listed, but not the House Mistress or Matron, it is simply because the information is incomplete in the relevant magazine. If you are able to supply the missing information please e-mail Liz Donlan. Click on image to view larger version.

Powys House

Inter-House Competitions
Powys House won the following:
1934: Lacrosse Cup, Order Shield, Sports Cup, Work Shield
1935: Gym, Hockey, Lacrosse
1936: Gym, Hockey, Lacrosse
1956: Hockey (joint with Fletcher), Badminton
1957: Cricket (1st equal), Gymnastics. Hockey (1st equal)
1958: Music
1962: Hockey (Junior), Netball (Junior)
1963: Cricket, Gymnastics, Rounders
1984: Music
1986: Athletics, Hockey, Music
1987: Rounders (Senior)
1988: Hockey (Senior - joint with Kennedy), Netball (Junior), Rounders (Junior)
1989: Cross Country (Intermediate), Music, Netball (Senior), Netball (Junior), Rounders (Senior), Rounders (Junior), Tennis (Senior)
1990: Athletics, Rounders, Swimming
1993: Athletics, Hockey (Senior), Cross Country (Intermediate), Cross Country (Junior), Hockey (Junior), Drama, Music, Rounders (Senior), Tennis (Senior), Tennis (Junior)
1996: Athletics, Rounders, Swimming

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