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Although Kindergarten was never considered a House in its own right, in February 2016, I decided to provide a separate page for it. Miss Reeves taught Kindergarten for many years and, sadly, in August 2015 she passed away. Following her passing, I was sent a number of photographs by the Longstone History Society who had been given various non-family papers by Miss Reeves' family. They are of Miss Reeves with her various Kindergarten classes and, thanks to Lizzy Atwell-Dickie, we have been able to identify the years they were all taken.

Kindergarten Photos
For enlarged photo and further information please click on the photos below.

Kindergarten 1963 Kindergarten 1971 Kindergarten 1973
1963 1971 1973
Kindergarten 1977 Kindergarten 1980
1975 1977 1980

Below is a photo from circa 1973, taken on front drive and Miss Reeves is the first adult from the right. Mrs Higgins is the first adult from the left (with white hair).

I would be grateful if anyone could confirm the photo was taken in 1973 and, more importantly, what the occasion was.

Kindergarten 1973

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