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Membership of The Old Elphinians (TOE) - formed October 2012
Four great reasons to join TOE:
1.  Receive a bi-annual newsletter full of information and new about St Elphin's
2.  Get discount on B&B at St Elphin's – see B&B for further details!
3.  Get 5% discount at the shop, deli or restaurant at The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop
4.  Get 10% discount at Edensor Tea Cottage and Cafe based in the Chatsworth Estate.
Plus you will also get a membership card!

If you wish to join please download an Membership Form or, if you require further information please contact me by either by e-mail -, by phone +353 8300 64787, or write to me at Reiska, Kilcommon, Thurles, Co Tipperary, E41 X015, Republic of Ireland. The Old Elphinians, or TOE for short, is now in its 8th year and I am pleased to announce that, as at 31st December, 2019, we had 181 current members.

Formation of The Old Elphinians (TOE) - October 2012
At its AGM on 13th October, 2012, the Old Elphinians (formerly St Elphin's Old Girls' Guild) agreed to wind up the society as its objectives were no longer applicable.

At the meeting it was agreed that the way forward was through the website and, as such, a number of the members have already agreed for their contact details to be passed onto me. I spoke to the meeting about the formation of the website and to outline my thoughts for the future.

I, therefore, decided on a subtle name change from Old Elphinians to The Old Elphinians. The Old Elphinians will continue to keep in touch with everyone but in a more informal way. In addition to continually adding information and photographs to the website I will produce a bi-annual newsletter which will be sent out to members - either by e-mail or by post. Indeed, I have already negotiated a special rate for members of The Old Elphinians to stay in one of the two Guest Rooms in St Elphin's House - see B&B for further details! 

As the existing funds of Old Elphinians had to be distributed as per its constitution, I had to start The Old Elphinians from scratch and I am asking for a small subscription fee of £3 per annum or £15 for 5 years.

If you wish to join please download an Application Form or, if you require further information please contact me either by e-mail -, by phone +353 8300 64787, or write to me at Reiska, Kilcommon, Thurles, Co Tipperary, E41 X015, Republic of Ireland.

Liz Donlan (nee Bailey)
Pupil 1967 - 1973.


Old Elphinians (formerly St Elphin's Old Girls' Guild)

BadgeOriginally known as St Elphin's Old Girls' Guild (SEOGG) it changed it's name to Old Elphinians in 2002. Its aims were to provide a forum for former pupils and staff to maintain contact with each other. They organised reunions and social events, published a newsletter and raised funds for the purposes of the Society. The Old Elphinians decided, at its AGM in October 2012, to wind the Society up as the aims were no longer applicable. It was agreed that once any outstanding financial commitments had been attended to that the remaining funds would be split 50:50 between St Elphin's Fairfield VA CE Primary School and St Elphin's Church in Warrington.

The above badge was sent to me by a Judy Bird in January 2016. She had acquired a box of needlework bits and pieces and found, amongst them, the badge. She Googled St Elphin's and guessed that the badge must have belonged to one of the school's old girls. The badge will go on display in the cabinet in Front Hall at St Elphin's Park.

Handing over of Funds – 6th March, 2014
Judy Crook, former Chairman of Old Elphinians sent me this report.....

"On March 6th 2014 Christine Tew and I were warmly welcomed at St Elphin’s Fairfield VA CE Primary School in Warrington. We made an early start to drive over the Cat & Fiddle road and arrive before being caught in rush hour traffic! Mrs Mary Cummings, the head, and all the staff were most hospitable and provided good quality coffee!

Our visit coincided with World Book Day, a tag rugby event and interviews for a teaching assistant. The head was dressed for the last event but the rest of the staff, like the children, were wonderfully dressed as characters from their favourite books. Three governors, including the two church wardens, came for our visit.

The whole primary school assembled at 9.00am for collective worship. The children sang and one of them led the prayers before the rector of Warrington, the Revd Paul Wilson, spoke to them, with slides, about the Clergy Daughters School which was eventually burnt down, and the purchase of the new property in Darley Dale. This was a perfect introduction for me to explain why we were visiting and then Christine presented cheques, to the deputy head for the school and to the rector for the church. Both cheques were for £1500.

Over coffee after the assembly the rector showed us possible plans for the development of the playgrounds at the school. Since our visit I have received emails of thanks with a promise of further information about how the money will be used."

Above: Rev Paul Wilson, Christine Tew and Judy Crook with the Deputy Head (alias Mary Poppins) on the far right!.

We currently have newsletters from 1941 to 1946, 1981 to 1985 and 1992 to 2007. Thanks go to the Old Girls who have loaned their newsletters for scanning – their names are listed below.

Please click on the years below to see the newsletter in full.

1941 (Mary Goodman)   1993 (Christine Tew)
1942 (Mary Goodman)   1994 (Carrie Wareham)
1943 (Mary Goodman)   1994 (Christine Tew)
1944 (Mary Goodman)   1995 (Carrie Wareham)
1945 (Mary Goodman)   1998 (Carrie Wareham)
1946 (Mary Goodman)   1999 (Christine Tew)
1981 (Carrie Wareham)   2000 (Carrie Wareham)
1982 (Mary Goodman)   2001 (Christine Tew)
1983 (Carrie Wareham)   2002 (Christine Tew)
1985 (Mary Goodman)   2002 (Mary Goodman)
1986 (Carrie Wareham)   2003 (Christine Tew)
1987 (Christine Tew)   2005 (Mary Goodman)
    2006 (Mary Goodman
    2006 (Mary Goodman)
    2007 (Mary Goodman)

2011 AGM
Below is a photograph of the the AGM of the Old Elphinians held on Saturday, 24th September, 2011 at the Oddfellows Hall in Sheringham, Norfolk. It was the first time some of the girls had met and/or not seen each other since leaving school but, listening to the chatter, it was as though they'd never been apart!

Above: LtoR - Back Row:
Lizzy Dickie (Atwell), Miranda Martin (Toach), Liz Donlan (Bailey), Liz Rixon (Fleming), Elspeth Jones (Watts), Maggie Gell (Hutchinson), Jackie Forrest (Gascoyne) [hidden!], Katrina Codling
Front Row (Standing): Ros Maudslay (Seville), Anna Rendell-Knights (Watts), Mary Rose Roe (Socket), Rosemary Chambers (Thornton), Kathryn Dickens (Betterton), Judith Carter (Tuckwell)
Sitting: Christine Tew, Mary Goodman, Judy Crook, Juliet Longfoot (Roper) Photo: Mike Donlan

Above: A magnificent buffet was provided for those at the AGM – and three husbands who braved the elements to mingle with the girls whilst having lunch! Photo: Mike Donlan


1999 – Correspondence to Old Girls

Thanks to Caroline Wareham for sending in a letter sent to Old Girls in 1999, together with an invite to the reunion and AGM to be held on 8th May, 1999 at St Elphin's School. Read more.....


1996 – Correspondence to Old Girls

Thanks to Caroline Wareham for sending in a letter sent to Old Girls in March 1996 from Valerie Fisher, Head Mistress, together with an invite from Christine Codling (Secetary S.E.O.G.G.) to a reunion to be held on 16th November, 1996 at the R.A.F. Club in London. Read more.....


St Elphin's Old Girls' Guild - Dinner Menu

Click on the image to see the menu for the Dinner held for the St Elphin's Old Girls' Guild to celebrate the School's 150th Anniversary on 14th May, 1994.





Below: 1959 Old Girls Reunion held at St Elphin's – top right is Miss Robinson (Head Mistress 1958 to 1975). Photo: Matlock Mercury – kindly supplied by Kathryn Dickens.

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