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St Elphin’s School was made up of various houses over the years but concentration will be made on the main six which were in existence for many years – Gresford, Kennedy, Pigot, Powys, Selwyn and Wilson. Each house had a specific colour and girls wore ties in their house colour, as well as cloak hoods being in their house colour. There was a House Mistress, House Matron and House Captain for each House.

Junior School was known as Margaret Flood House for which there is a link below. Other houses over the years were Fletcher, Greenall (1919 - 1931), Orchards and School and details of these can be found by clicking on the 'Additional Houses' box below.

Many of you will remember Miss Reeves, who taught Kindergarten for many years. Unfortunately she passed away in August 2015, following which a number of photos were forwarded onto me by the Longstone Historical Society. In view of this I decided to set up a page dedicated to Miss Reeves and her beloved Kindergarten.

There was a Sixth Form block (consisting of bedrooms and a common room) called Devonshire House but this was not a House in its own right. Details of the additional Houses can be found by clicking on the 'Additional Houses' link below.

Please click on the following links to find information about your house:

Gresford Kennedy Pigot Powys Selwyn Wilson
Additional Houses Margaret Flood Kindergarten

At the end of each term The Courtesy Cup was awarded to the best house member. This usually went to the girl who had achieved the most during the term or, occasionally, it would be awarded to the girl who had improved the most. Sports days and swimming galas were extremely competitive with houses competing against each other.

BELOW: House Mistresses and Assistant House Mistresses in 1964 or 1965. Photo supplied by Miss (Heather) James. Please click on photo for larger version.

Back Row (Assistant House Mistresses) LtoR:
/ * / Karen Marker / Miss Margaret Lord / Mrs Johnson / Di Draisey / * / * / Liz Barker / Miss Heather James

Front Row (House Mistresses) LtoR:
Sylvia Craig / Miss Lavender / Miss Grant / Miss Smith / Miss Robinson (Head Mistress) / Miss Thompson / Miss Lamb / Miss Marsden (Woolliscroft) / Miss Thorpe

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