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Carrie Wareham has certainly had a busy week in Dubai where she has lived since 2001. Not just one, but two Old Elphinians have visited.....

Right: (Left to right)
Ali Gracie-Biddiscombe (Pigot 1971-1976) met up with Carrie (Kennedy 1971-1974). Those regular readers on the website or active on Facebook will know that Ali lives in Australia so it seems strange to see a photo of her in Dubai! Not only did Ali meet up with Carrie for lunch but they also went to a Jazz concert.

Below: (Left to right)
Sharon Robinson-McVeigh (Gresford 1967-1972) met up with Carrie for a little bit of handbag shopping! Sharon and Caroline were in the same year at school.



OCTOBER 2012: Catherine Sutton-Lewis (Pigot 1967-1974) met up with Caroline Wareham (Kennedy 1971-1974) in Dubai where Caroline has been living since 2001. Catherine and Caroline were in the same year at school.

Unfortunately, Catherine passed away on 28th March, 2013, having suffered with lung cancer for 15 months. Some of the old girls had a collection and £150 was given to Catherine's husband, Peter, to give to the MacMillan Nurses who had been wonderful with Catherine. Liz & Mike Donlan went to the funeral in Woking, Surrey on 10th April, 2013. Liz was in the same year as both Catherine and Caroline.

RIP Catherine.

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