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Pigot House

Pigot House was formed mid-February 1963 and was named after Colonel Pigot. They were originially housed in Fox and Willis dormitories and Form I was converted into their House room.

House Photos
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link to Pigot House 1962 link to Pigot House 1965 link to Pigot House 1966 link to Pigot House photo 1967
1962 1965 1966 1967

link to Pigot House 1968 1969 Pigot House St Elphin's School - Pigot House 1971 photo
1968 1969 1971

St Elphin's School - Pigot House 1973 photo St Elphin's School - Pigot House 1975 photo
1973 1975 1989

Pigot House Song
Taken from page 34 of the 1988 School Magazine - sung to the tune of I Vow to Thee my Country

We stand as one, as Pigot
The unity is strong,
With friendship there's no barrier,
We're just one happy throng.

The House that always tries its best
The House that strives to win
But if victory evades
We never shall give in.

Till the end we'll stay with Pigot
For her we'll sound this song
For as long as we're together
We're Pigot and we're one.

House Staff - Mistresses, Matrons and Heads/Captains
The following information has been taken from school magazines. In instances where the Head of House or House Captain is listed, but not the House Mistress or Matron, it is simply because the information is incomplete in the relevant magazine. If you are able to supply the missing information please e-mail Liz Donlan. Click on image to view larger version.

Pigot House

Inter-House Competitions
Pigot House won the following:
1984: Music
1986: Tennis
1987: Handball
1988: Music, Tennis (Senior), Tennis (Junior)
1989: Tennis (Junior)
1990: Cross Country (Senior)
1993: Athletics Standards, Debating, Music, Netball (Junior)

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