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History of St Elphin's School

1853 – The Illustrated London News

Thanks to Marianne Stewart-Jackson (Powys House, 1971-75) who alerted me to an item for sale on eBay. It is two original prints of pages 236 and 237 of The Illustrated London News dated Sept. 17, 1858 and includes a piece, and illustration, on “St. Elfin’s New Schools, Warrington”. TOE (The Old Elphinians) has purchased the prints for use on the website.

Please click on the image to see the print in full. Unfortunately it hasn't scanned in well enough to read the text easily so I have retyped the text here.


1889 images of Darley Dale Hydropathic Establishment
prior to becoming St Elphin's School in 1904

Please click on the photograph below to view the album

Link to images from 1889

The images in the album are Reproduced by permission of English Heritage.NMR
Licence No. 2077 issued to Liz Donlan
(Thanks to Sharon Neysmith who drew our attention to these photographs)


1892 Album – M. J. Heywood
In July 2012 I was delighted when Karen Turner contacted me, having seen the website, regarding an album of her Great Aunt's – Mary Jane Heywood – from 1892.

The album contains 80 pages of poems, autographs, quotes and drawings from Mary's friends wishing her well. Mary attended Warrington Training College, which Karen understood to also be known as St Elphin's.

To read more of this fasincating addition and to see the album in full please click here.....


Chapel of our Lady and St. Elphin – A Brief History and Guide

link to history of st elphin


Click on the left image to read a Brief History and Guide of the Chapel of Our Lady and St Elphin. It makes reference to the old stable block being converted into the School Chapel circa 1916. Kindly supplied by Mary Goodman.





The Story of St Elphin's School 1844-1944

link to the story of st elphin's school"Although St. Elphin's School was actually founded in the year 1844, its roots go back to a much earlier date. It can, in fact, trace its origin to the year 1697".

One of the first publications about the school is The Story of St Elphin's School 1844-1944 by Margaret L. Flood. Miss Flood was Head Mistress of the school from 1910-1933.

Please click here to view the publication in its entirety.

(Thanks to Caroline Wareham for making this publication available for scanning).


Link to Miss Flood's MemoirsMemoirs

In addition to the above booklet, Miss Flood had a second publication entitled Memoirs which covers her life story from 1878. Miss Flood wrote Memoirs in 1960, at the age of 82, and, of course, it includes all her time as Headmistress of St Elphin's from 1910-1933. Although the sections on St Elphin's have similarities to The Story of St Elphin's School 1844-1944 it still makes for very interesting reading.

Please click here to view the publication in its entirety. Due to the age of the booklet and the type of paper used some of the pages may be a little feint but, hopefully, it won't deter you from reading it!

There was an Errata slip inside the booklet which states:

Page 9 - line 14 - for "treat" read "tread"

Page 34 - line 39 - after "memory of" insert "Kathleen Foster by her friends; the silver alms-dish was given in memory of my mother"

(Thanks to Caroline Wareham for making this publication available for scanning.)

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