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There have been several Reunions since 2008 ranging from just two ‘old’ girls meeting up to major events in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2019. If you have any photos or information of any reunions please send them to me (Liz Donlan) and I will gladly publish them.

There are also reunions of groups of girls living in close proximity overseas; girls meeting up overseas whilst on holiday; reunions of small groups. For details of these please have a look at the Mini-Reunions page.


2015 Reunion – Saturday, 3rd October, 2015

The next major school reunion will be held at St Elphin's Park on Saturday, 3rd October, 2015 commencing at 10am. The approximate itinerary at the moment will be:

10am - 11.30am - Coffee/Tea and cakes

11.30am - Tours of the site

1.15pm - Lunch

3.45pm - Tea/Coffee and biscuits

The cost is £20 per person which includes coffee/tea and cakes on arrival, 2-course hot or cold lunch, tea/coffee and biscuits in the afternoon and a few special mementos.

There will also be a raffle - the first prize is one night's dinner, bed and breakfast at St Elphin's in either the Chatsworth or Haddon Suite.

Initially priority will be given to old girls and staff but if there are any places left they will be open to family and friends.


St Elphin's Memorial Quilt Reunion 2013 – Saturday,12th October, 2013
A reunion of Old Girls was held at St Elphin's Park (formerly St Elphin's School) and Hartington Hall on Saturday, 12th October, 2013. For a full report, photos and a video of the day see 2013 Reunion.


2012 Reunion - 6th October, 2012
A Reunion of Old Girls was held at St Elphin's Park (formerly St Elphin's School) on Saturday, 6th October, 2012. For a full report and photos of the day see 2012 Reunion.


2011 Picnic at Chatsworth - 23rd July, 2011
Approximately 20 people turned up for a reunion held in the form of a picnic at Chatsworth (Photo: Lizzy Atwell-Dickie).

2008 Reunion

St Elphin's School Reunion 2008 newspaper article

Above: Published 13 November, 2008 – Reprinted by kind permission of Matlock Mercury

2003 Reunion
The photo below was taken at the final Reunion held at the School in 2003. LtoR: Jean-Christine Turner-Dornan (1959-1964), Christine Tew (1960-1964), Roz Seville-Maudsley, Elizabeth Waters. Christine Tew was both Secretary and Treasurer of the Old Elphinians (formerly St Elphin's Old Girls' Guild) for a number of years. Photo supplied by Christine Tew.

post 1994 Reunion
The following photos have been provided by Christine Tew. They were taken at a reunion held in York which she thinks was held after Mr Pollard's retirement in 1994. Mr Pollard was Head Master from 1979 - 1994. If anyone can identify the year for certain then please letme (Liz Donlan) know.

Please click on each of the 4 photos below for larger versions.

1994 Reunion
1994 saw the largest-ever reunion held at the School with a Dinner Dance being the highlight of the ocassions – at which there were approximately 162 diners. The photo below shows 2nd from left Christine Tew (1960-1964), 3rd from left Sheila Allen. For further photos of the Reunion please see the Photo Album. Photos supplied by Christine Tew.

During the reunion weekend there was a service at which a number of songs were sung. Read more...

circa 1993 Reunion
We think the photo to the right is from the 1993 AGM & Reunion which was held in the Common Room at St Elphin's. If anyone knows whether the photos are definitely from 1993 (or not!) then please let me (Liz Donlan) know.

Right: Left to right:
Liz Rixon (Fleming)
Teanie Dornan (Turner)
Sheila Allen (Mosley)
Christine Codling (Tew)
taken near the fish pond which was situated outside the dining room.

Please click here to see a further 4 photos

Photos supplied by Christine Tew



circa 1992 Reunion
The following photograph has been aupplied by Christine Tew who thinks it was from the 1992 reunion which was held at the RAF Club London. The front row are sixth formers who went with Mr Pollard (Head Master 1979 - 1994). The reunions at the RAF club were organised by the late June Gibson.

link to 1992 reunion photo


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